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ISO Certification

International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) was established in 1946 as a conglomerate of over 75 national standardization bodies from around the world.

ISO is responsible for computer, manufacturing, and technology standards, as well as many aspects of the larger health care industry. This oversight is especially important now that many medical and dental tourism facilities around the globe rely heavily on extremely sophisticated technology and medical equipment.

The ISO 9000 family addresses "quality management". This means what the organization does to fulfill:

  • the customer's quality requirements, and
  • applicable regulatory requirements, while aiming to
  • enhance customer satisfaction, and
  • achieve continual improvement of its performance in pursuit of these objectives.


The ISO 14000 family addresses "environmental management". This means what the organization does to:

  • minimize harmful effects on the environment caused by its activities, and to
  • achieve continual improvement of its environmental performance.

ISO is not specifically a health care accrediting body. However, ISO and its member organizations do help ensure that hospitals and dental clinics closely adhere to strict international standards. ISO accreditation means you have a much better chance of receiving optimal medical and dental care.